Enigma Haunt Sneak Peak

So last night Jay and I went to Enigma Haunt. While we were waiting to go in we spoke with two staff members who told us past incidents of people who threw up, peed their pants, and did other unmentionable things because they were scared. So you can imagine how scared I was to go into the houses. Thoughts kept going through my head, am I gonna pass out? am I gonna throw up? am  I gonna have to waive my hands and say that I am scared and leave before I walk through? Well, I actually survived it.  I told Jay to hold my hand and we ventured into the first house. As we walked in we were greeted by a very scary person who was behind a fence that had a woman on a chain, in order for us to proceed we had to open the gate and pass them, which I’m sure you can imagine how that scared the shit out of us. Each corner we walked around we were chased and scared by all different zombies, and demons, even a priest from the excorcist. The exorcist scene and actors looked so realistic all I could do was run, I ran and ran until Jay caught up with me and grabbed my hand and we entered a scary maze.As we walked through the maze we made a few wrong turns and we got lost. Suddenly we started to panic because we had thought we would not find our way out when we were greeted by scare actor who escorted us into the Realms of Terror. We walked into an elevator where we were taken to the top floor. When the doors open we saw small child dressed as an elf who escorted us through Christmas town. At this point we were out of breath from running and screaming from being excited. As we walked through this house we entered into claustrophobia which which was cool addition to the houses. This is a must see attraction, I can’t say anything bad about our experience. The houses were on point, the actors/actresses were on point and the lines moved fast. The coolest thing about this whole haunted attraction is how it began. Check our other blog post for all of the facts, and a brief history of Enigma Haunt.


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