Enigma’s three Haunted Houses

Pandemic- is a new house this year, where the screeches of horrific torture are heard long before you even get close to entering the dark, swampland inhabited with those affected by a zombie virus outbreak and remaining survivors of the cannabilistic leader Jedidiah, who is always looking for a fresh meat.

Expect chills up your spine, knots in your stomach and a thrilling adrenalin rush you can only get when you walk through this haunt.

Into Oblivion- a post-apocolyptic world filled with eye-popping visions and characters from beyond. Each step leads deeper into oblivion, providing a unique and encapsulating experience sure to thrill all.

Realms of Terror- With various dimensions with portals that transform realty into worlds of nightmares filled with phobias and creatures and demons who thrive and live to terrify. In addition to the indoor haunted space, the Haunt has an outdoor staging area. The pit with  cue lie entertainment sure to warp the imagination of those awaiting entrance to the haunt.

For event info and tickets please visit: http://enigmahaunt.com/


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