McKamey Manor too extreme for the extremist


This is a photo from inside Mckamey manor. After watching a video on youtube I decided to write my thoughts on this haunt. I have always been a fan of haunted houses since I was a kid, and I’ve always thought the scarier the better, but the live footage on youtube of this “haunt” was unbelievable. It did not look like a haunted house to me it looked more like a torture chamber. On the Mckamey manor website the average person with no knowledge of their history would assume that the warnings that are posted are probably to creep you out more. If I did not know of the history I probably would have went if I lived in Cali, but after seeing what people endured, hours of abuse physical, emotional, and psychological it is beyond me why they have not been banned by law enforcement. I know people willingly attend however I do not think they are aware what they are really signing up for. The owner looked like he was a leader of a cult and the employees followed everything he said. Take a look at one of their videos on youtube and tell me your opinion. I would love to hear what you think about what these people have created. I was very bothered by what I saw and I think any person in their right mind would be too. Click on this link and you will see


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