Xtreme Action Park Xtreme Scarepark 

This week we will give you a sneak peek of xtreme scare park at xtreme action park in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Official opening of the haunted attraction has been changed to October 13, 2016.

Xtreme scare park consists of three 21-night haunted theme park attractions that will take place Thursday-Sunday and one Monday from Sept.29, 2016-Oct. 31, 2016 from 7:30 pm til Midnight. The attractions at xtremes scare park are designed by Brandon Von Kittendorf, the creator of Festival of Souls & terror in the jungle at Jungle Island. The xtreme production features over 20,000 sq ft full of fear. Asylum of the damned is filled with deranged and psychotic patients who have taken over the asylum and no one knows what happened to the staff. Nightmares-The awakening-what if your nightmares awakened and became real life? In this house you will face your worst nightmares. Catacombs-Ancient evil unleashed-Ancient artifacts of  buried evil have been dug up and now its wrath has been unleashed in this terrifying house. Xtreme scare park guarantees to bring you a memorably gruesome experience like no other.

Victims will walk through three blood curling haunted attractions, Asylum of the dead, Nightmares-The awakening and the Catacombs-Ancient evil unleashed! Enter all three if you dare.

*Guests are encouraged to attend in costumes. Random prized & Free play cards will be awarded for the best costume.

Group rates, frequent fear passes, corporate parties, event and sponsorship packages are available. For additional information and tickets to the event visit: xtremescarepark.com or call 786-514-7899



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