Do you suffer from imperfections on your inner thighs?

Hi everyone, I figured that I would share this awesome product with you that I have made because many people suffer from this problem and cannot find any help for it.

For many years many people I know have suffered from imperfections such as dark spots, blackheads, etc. on their inner thigh. As you can imagine this could be very embaressing and can easily give someone a complex. Imagine trying to be intimate with someone and you are embaressed for them to see these imperfections because they may think you are dirty or there is something wrong with you when theres not. Well it is one of the worst feelings ever. Many people both men and woman have these impetfections due to their thighs rubbing together. Well after many years of research and not finding a product on the market to aid in cleansing the area I have made smoothighs. Smoothighs all natural ingredients aid in cleansing the inner thighs of black heads, pimples, boils, and even help to lighten dark spots over time. I have started a kickstarter campaign to raise $3800.00 to assist in introducing this all natural product to the market. Become apart of something that can make so many others feel better. Follow the link above to check out and support my kickstarter campaign.


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