Miami House of Horror Haunted Carnival

Organizers of the House of Horror located at Miami International Mall have quietly been dealing with an ever-growing issue since last year that actually dates back to 1926, when the “Great Miami hurricane devastated the area killing over 1,000 people including members of the traveling Griffin & Son’s Carnival Company. As a result of recent heavy rains in the area, a sinkhole appeared in the northeast corner of the House of Horror, exposing what some believe to be human bones. “We are currently analyzing the remains, but our preliminary research has revealed some disturbing information,” said the grounds caretaker at House of Horror, who was referring to the fact that back in 1926, the carnival workers who passed away during the hurricane were buried in the same location that House of Horror has called home for the past two years.

Organizers hope to contain the ghostly carnies that have been wreaking havoc, because this year, there will be two haunt experiences, which in itself should scare those who are brave enough to go through it. 1455 Asylum will offer what’s left of the overpopulated medical facility that was overrun by the mental patients who violently took over. Those who dare to walk those halls may come across some of the missing doctors and nurses. The Gates of Phobia will transport people into a world of skewed reality, where they’ll receive a 3D anxiety experience that will haunt their souls and play with their senses. Everything from fear of insects, reptiles, spiders and clowns to the fear of dizziness and enclosed spaces. Back by popular demand, HOH will offer The Dark Hour Monday thru Wednesdays, where visitors can walk the halls of the 1455 Asylum during a power outage between 10-11PM.

Creators of House of Horror are also excited to bring Hellzapoppin to this haunted carnival. The world renowned theatrical, rock ‘n roll, circus freak-show will perform some of the deadliest stunts to a live audience. Expect to see fire breathing, glass eating, sword swallowing and other human oddities and curiousities on stage each night. Also new for this year Scare X Studios will serve as a movie theatre in an old abandoned warehouse on the House of Horror grounds. Cult classic horror films, such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, The Omen, The Ring and Poltergeist will be featured each night. For those who can’t stomach the  Haunted Carnival and/or the movies, they’re invited to venture into The Freak Imporium, which will offer a collection of bizarre items from around the world such as Alligator Boy, the Two-headed Siamese Baby Skull, remains of a Chupacabra, the Fiji Mermaid, and a Vintage Guillotine, to name a few. Throughout the entire month, the Haunted Carnival will have plenty of rides for people to enjoy between each scare.

House of Horror Haunted Carnival runs from September 29-October 31. On Thursday October 6, The Chainsmokers will take over the House of Horror stage along with top carting artists, Daya and Zara Larsson. 

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